RealWorld is an international producer of feature length, TV and web documentary content based in Vancouver, Canada.  Established in 1998 by Métis filmmaker Denis Paquette & Chilean/Canadian filmmaker Carmen Henríquez, RealWorld has produced over sixty hours of content for TV, Web, theatrical and direct distribution.   Recent credits include:

Three seasons of the Canadian TV series "Closer to Home" (2009-2012).

Feature length documentary “Cry of the Andes” (2010).

Season one of "Native Planet" (2014).

One hour documentary "Potlatch Keepers" (2014).


For Fall 2015, RealWorld is currently in production on the TV and Web series “Face the Music”. 

RealWorld’s brand is implicit in our name – media that delivers a realistic and intimate look at the world we live in today.  We develop and produce a slate of non-fiction programming and interactive content that explores a range of social, environmental and political themes.  Through the communities we visit and the real life characters we meet, RealWorld travels the world to crafts stories about Aboriginal identity, social justice, human rights and the future of the planet.  Character driven and completely realistic, RealWorld takes an organic approach to filmmaking.  We conceive, propose, finance and produce all aspects of our work, travel internationally to direct, shoot and record the content, then edit and manage postproduction from Vancouver.   This holistic approach to filmmaking creates deeper relationships with the communities and characters, the foundation for RealWorld’s documentary approach.  

RealWorld’s production studio provides a consolidated workflow for HD digital production, multilingual versioning, interactive and online authoring.  From creative development through to postproduction and distribution, both company principals are deeply involved in all aspects of RealWorld’s filmmaking and multimedia output.  This auteur approach allows RealWorld to achieve greater intimacy and rapport with our characters, enhances our on screen production values, and delivers more engaging stories.

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